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Finishes You Could Consider For Interior Concrete Flooring

Some business owners will steer clear from concrete flooring for the interior of their office premises as they assume it will look too industrial for their property. As such, this type of flooring is typically relegated to outdoor applications where functionality is paramount. However, advancements in technology have now allowed for decorative concrete inside your office, without having to decrease the strength and stability of the concrete. Below are a few of the finishes that you could consider for interior concrete flooring.


With this type of concrete finish, chemicals are applied directly on the surface of the flooring. These chemicals will then have a reaction with the concrete that results in colour forming on the surface of the flooring. If you are looking to spruce up the appearance of the concrete by changing its colour, this would be an ideal finish for your needs. Your concrete contractors can also create unique designs on the concrete surface by applying the chemicals using various techniques. One thing to bear in mind with chemical staining is that you cannot have a clear idea of what the result will be because the chemicals react variably with the concrete. Thus, you may want to test out the chemical stains on some of the concrete before opting to have it applied on your entire flooring.


Hardeners are a great addition to your concrete flooring as they function to provide it with a protective layer. However, hardeners do not have to be clear. If you are looking for a way to jazz up your interior concrete flooring, you should consider coloured hardeners. These coloured hardeners can also be used in conjunction with chemical stains to make your concrete as decorative as possible.


Another concrete finish that affords you unique patterns and designs is stamping. With this type of finish, the contractors will directly stamp on the concrete using motifs to create your desired appearance. Nonetheless, it should be noted that concrete stamping is not suitable for all types of concrete flooring. If you are to make use of this technique, you would have to do it on fresh concrete. Hence, it may only be viable if you are constructing your office property or if you are engaging in renovations that include re-flooring the premises. The reason for this is the stamping has to be undertaken when the concrete is still curing so that the designs can dry with the flooring.

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