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5 Advantages of Brick Restoration

Exposed brick walls have a classic style, but over time wear and tear can cause the bricks to start crumbling. Brick restoration is a method of repairing the bricks and replacing the mortar that holds them together, which can help to improve both the appearance and the structural strength of a wall. Here are a few great benefits of brick restoration.

1. Stronger walls

Walls can become unstable as the mortar holding the bricks together begins to crumble away. Repointing is a method of brick restoration that involves chiselling out loose mortar and then replacing it with fresh mortar. This process can make the wall much stronger and more stable, which means that it is less likely to fall down during a storm or when subjected to an impact.

2. Protect Against Water Damage

Damaged brick walls often have cracks and holes that allow water to penetrate. Once water gets inside the wall, it can encourage the growth of mildew and mould, which can spread quickly through the wall. Brick restoration restores the waterproof seal, helping to keep water out of the wall and any structures behind it.

3. Stay Safe

A crumbling brick wall can be quite dangerous. Bricks can unexpectedly fall from the wall, which can cause serious injury to anyone who is standing underneath. To make your wall safe and reduce your liability risk, be sure to have the bricks restored before an accident occurs.

4. Better Appearance

A crumbling brick wall does not look good. If the bricks in your home or garden wall are worn and clinging together with only patchy mortar, then your property can look neglected and run down. Brick restoration can improve the appearance significantly. As well as replacing worn mortar, contractors clean the bricks to remove pollution and restore the original colour of the bricks. You might not realise how much darker the bricks are now compared to when they were installed, but it is likely that you will be impressed by the bright colour that is revealed.

5. Higher Kerb Appeal

If you are trying to sell your home, then brick restoration could make that process a lot easier. When the brickwork looks good, buyers are more likely to assume that your home is in good condition, which in turn makes them more inclined to ask for a viewing or make an offer. You might get a sale faster or for a higher price.

For more information on brick restoration, contact a company near you.