How I Repaired My Concrete Driveway

What's Involved in a Concrete Resurfacing Job?

Concrete is a very hardy material and perfect when it comes to installing floors, patios or driveways around your property. Yet, with time the material can degrade, and you may eventually need to resurface it to restore its former glory. How difficult is this process, and what type of approach can you take to achieve the best outcome?

How to Resurface Concrete

In essence, resurfacing is a simple task that involves removing the top layer of concrete and introducing a brand-new layer. It's typically the best approach if your concrete service shows its age, as it's not always easy to repaint and try to carry on. When you resurface, you'll achieve the best outcome, and the result will be very similar to a brand-new patio, driveway or floor. You will be able to get rid of any cracks and stabilise any loose concrete as well.

Before you think about which product you will use to form the new surface, you need to choose your resurfacing technique.

Restore the Surface

The most popular approach is resurfacing using a concrete overlay featuring a specific mix of ingredients. It's relatively easy and quick and can be used to create a broad range of finishes, from gloss to textured. Still, this approach is not as durable as some others, especially if the area is subject to regular traffic.

Another approach is to use high-pressure water jets (sometimes known as "hydro demolition)." Again, this is quite quick and relatively straightforward, and the jets will be able to get rid of any broken concrete without damaging any steel reinforcement or other materials.

If there is considerable damage, you may need to get a concrete "lift." This is quite involved as all the old concrete will need to be broken up and removed before new concrete can be mixed in its place.

Add the Finish

Once the surface has been restored, you will need to add a finishing product. For example, you may choose epoxy flooring for your garage, and it comes in a wide range of colours with a semi-gloss finish. It is also great in wet areas as it can repel water and is simple to clean.

Cementitious flooring is a good all-rounder, using a urethane-based product. It's very strong and durable and may be an excellent choice for a driveway or other highly trafficked area.

Time to Outsource

Concrete resurfacing can be quite time-consuming if you do not know how to proceed. This is why most people in your situation will outsource the work to a contractor with the relevant experience and tools.

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