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4 Causes of Electrical Problems in Concrete Pumps

Some inexperienced DIYers may not know what to do in case a rental concrete pump fails due to electrical problems. This article discusses some of the components that you should check in order to get that truck-mounted concrete pump working again.

Check the Alternator

It may not always be right to assume that once the concrete pump truck starts then the alternator is working effectively. A weak alternator can start the truck but fail to operate the concrete pump. You should therefore check the output voltage of your truck's alternator. That output should be at least 24volts. Replace the alternator in case its output falls below the recommended level.

Clean the Battery Terminals

The concrete pump may also stop working if the terminals of the battery are dirty. Such terminals cannot allow a sufficient amount of electrical current to flow to the electrical system of the pump. Clean off any powdery residues that have accumulated on the terminals. You should also apply some petroleum jelly or a little grease on those terminals in order to protect them from corrosion. The concrete pump will resume working once the terminals are free from dirt.

Check Battery Output

The battery itself may be weak if the pump isn't working and yet the terminals have no problem. Perform a load test on that battery in order to establish whether it is providing ample electricity when the truck's electrical systems are working. This load test will help you to tell whether the battery is no longer able to meet the demands placed upon it. A new battery can then get the pump working again.

Tighten the Battery Connections

Is it possible for battery connections to become loose when you have never touched them? Yes, battery connections loosen gradually. This is caused by repeated expansion and contraction due to the heat that is generated as electrical power flows through the connections. Loose connections generate even more heat that worsens the looseness of the battery connections. This looseness can become so pronounced that the concrete pump may stop working since insufficient electrical current is reaching it. Tighten all the connections so that you break this cycle of excessive heat being generated due to loose connections.

As you can see, you can easily fix most of the issues that cause electrical problems in truck-mounted concrete pumps. You should therefore only call for technical assistance in case the solutions above fail to get the concrete pump to start working once more. You can also hire a concrete pumping service.