How I Repaired My Concrete Driveway

Kerbing options for you

If you have a garden you might encounter small problems like weeds spreading or mulch scattering onto the lawn. Kerbing helps in controlling both of these cases. In fact having a kerb also provides a barrier that makes it easier for you to mow your lawn and it adds to the beauty of your garden. When it comes to choosing the best material to use for kerbing you are confronted with a few choices. These include;

Poured concrete

Poured concrete is probably the most common material used in kerbing. This is because it has been in use in construction for long.


  • It is very strong and durable.
  • Weeds do not grow easily on concrete kerbs.
  • Concrete kerbs look good.
  • It is also possible for decorative patterns to be created on the kerb.
  • Concrete kerbs are relatively cheap.


Concrete kerbs can look ugly with time because they stain easily and the stains are not easy to remove especially birds' droppings. If you live where temperature changes are pronounced, concrete kerbs can crack and this leads to unsightly specks spreading around your garden and garden.


Gravel is quickly catching on as a material of choice for kerbing. It is also used in driveways and as mulch.


  • Due to the variety of colors and shapes, it is very beautiful
  • It is very cost effective and you can easily procure it.


Gravel can be messy as the particles are easily scattered, this means more work on your garden. Aggressive weeds can grow on the kerb, especially when some dirt accumulates.


Bricks have been used for kerbing for a very long time. They come in different sizes and levels of strength.


  • Bricks are usually strong and durable
  • Bricks are beautiful, they come in a few different colors.
  • Bricks are relatively cheap


Bricks are prone to cracking where there are temperature changes or alternating wet and dry conditions. Also, if weeds are allowed to grow on brick kerbs they will destroy them gradually. Stones and slates. They are quite popular due to the amount of variety possible with this type of kerbing.


  • They are strong and durable, an upgrade on bricks
  • They come in many colors hence they are beautiful
  • The weakness with this type of kerbing is that it can be quite costly

Choosing the right material

When choosing the right materials for your kerb you can consult with your kerbing contractor to know the particular options available for you and the best materials for your locality based on weather and other environmental factors.