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The Benefits of Using Precast Concrete Slabs

If you are renovating your home, precast concrete is an ideal material to use. Precast concrete is moulded offsite and transported in blocks to your worksite. Because it is cured under optimal conditions, precast concrete is extremely resilient and strong. Precast concrete can be used to build walls, partitions and floors. Below is further information about the benefits of using precast concrete slabs as part of your project.

Insulating slabs

Insulating panels are moulded, so the contain a hollow core. This means that the slabs of concrete are much lighter than solid slabs. This makes it easier to install on site as they can be more easily lifted into place and moved around. The hollow space within these insulating slabs forms an air gap which helps to prevent heat loss, meaning that they offer excellent insulation, which will boost the energy efficiency of your home. Preformed insulating slabs also offer fantastic soundproofing, which makes them the ideal choice if you live near a busy road, airport or another noisy part of the city.

Flooring slabs

Precast concrete flooring slabs are an easy way to lay down a new floor surface during renovation work quickly. Rather than having to pour liquid concrete and then waiting for it to harden, you can simply measure the area you wish to pave, order the concrete flooring slabs and then lay them once they have been delivered to the work site. However, before you lay the slabs, you will need to ensure that the ground is properly level. If you try to lay concrete slabs on uneven ground, you will find that water can seep underneath the slabs, causing damage. If the concrete floor slab is exposed to water for an extended period of time, it may begin to deteriorate. Once the flooring slabs are in place, it is important that you ensure it is prepared before you lay any additional flooring such as carpet and tiles. Before laying carpet, you will have to ensure that the concrete floor is free from dust and debris. However, if you plan to lay titles or paint the floor, you will also need to apply a layer of primer treatment before commencing work.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of using precast concrete during your home renovation job, you should contact a professional concrete company today. A contractor will be happy to offer further help and advice.