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How to Limit Erosion Problems at a Construction Site

Erosion can pollute stormwater drainage systems and affect surroundings properties. It is, therefore, necessary for you to implement measures that will limit the magnitude of the erosion that occurs on your construction site. This article discusses some of those helpful erosion control measures that you can implement during your DIY construction project.

Minimise Disturbance Zones

The first step in controlling erosion during a construction project involves limiting the extent to which you disturb the landscape at the site. Leave as much vegetation intact as possible. Restrict the movement of construction equipment, such as excavators, at the site. In this way, only the footprint of the building or structure that you are putting up will be disturbed.

Stabilise the Soil

Another way to keep erosion minimal is to stabilise the soil as you work. Stabilisation options including pouring mulch on the disturbed soil and installing erosion blankets on slopes. These measures will prevent the disturbed soil from being carried away by water runoff and wind.

Protect Storm Inlets

Each property usually has stormwater inlets that direct runoff water into the municipal stormwater drainage system. Such inlets need to be protected during any construction project. This is because some erosion may be inevitable once the soil is disturbed at the construction site. The easiest way to protect those inlets is to place rock-filled bags around each inlet. This will stop any eroded materials from getting into the storm drains on your property.

Set Up Sediment Traps

You should also set up basins along the slopes on your property. Those basins will collect runoff water and allow the sediment to settle at the bottom of the basin before the water flows out of those sediment traps. This accumulated sediment can then be removed periodically so that the basins retain a sufficient depth to do their work.

Use Construction Entrances

Construction vehicles and equipment can also carry eroded soil and other materials from your site. This material is trapped in the tyres or tracks of those vehicles as they move on the disturbed sections of the site. You can control this type of erosion by setting up a construction entrance. This entrance is a stretch of the driveway or access road on which you pour crushed stones. Those stones will remove any material that is trapped in the tyres or tracks of vehicles and equipment leaving the site. Fresh stones should be poured on that entrance periodically in order to cover those that have been saturated with the extracted soil from the site.

Erosion control at a construction site is an evolving process that should be tweaked in order to address the emerging challenges as work goes on. You should, therefore, hire an erosion control expert to keep a close eye on your site in case you lack the skills to select the right erosion control techniques for the different phases of your project.