How I Repaired My Concrete Driveway

2 Striking Concrete Finishes That Will Give Your Home's Interior The "Wow Factor"

Concrete is an enduringly popular product in the Australian building industry. It's versatile, incredibly durable and relatively inexpensive in comparison to many other building materials. Traditionally, it's been used as a structural component and as a base material for other materials. However, with an ever-increasing number of decorative finishes now available, concrete is frequently being used as a design element.

Interior concrete flooring is now a common feature in many modern homes. If you're considering using concrete for your new flooring, or if you'd like to expose and enhance the concrete that already exists underneath your more traditional flooring, then here are two stunning and vibrant finishes that will give your home the "wow factor":

1. A metallic epoxy finish

Epoxy compounds are commonly used to seal concrete floors and create a smooth, lustrous and non-porous surface. A metallic epoxy finish takes this look a step further and uses metallic particles or flecks to create a truly rich and luminous end product.

This finish can be tinted as well to add extra colour to your concrete floor. It's important to remember that this type of floor is highly reflective, and the colour you choose will be bounced back into the room when light hits the floor. Make sure that you choose a colour that will add the right mood to your room and won't overwhelm your senses.

2. An acid etched stain finish

Using an acid etched stain is a strikingly beautiful way to add colour to your concrete floor. Unlike concrete paint, which simply coats the surface of the concrete, an acid etched stain actually penetrates the surface of the floor and chemically bonds with the concrete. The result is a flawless surface that won't fade, peel or crack.

The colours that can be achieved with this type of finish are slightly more limited than other products. Colours such as terracottas, soft earthy browns and light shades of blue and green are most common. The colour variety reflects the palette that is found in natural flooring materials such as stone and marble.

It's incredible how these simple and readily available concrete flooring finishing can transform a utilitarian and dull concrete floor into a thing of great beauty. To achieve the most attractive and professional look, these finishes should be applied by an experienced concrete contractor. They will have the knowledge of both the product and the required preparation process to ensure that the end product is an eye-catching and unique feature in your home.

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