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Design Ideas for Exposed Concrete Pool Decks

Aggregate concrete features a variety of rocks, stones and pebbles embedded into the concrete. This type of concrete is especially ideal for around pools because, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, it is also relatively slip-resistant, which is ideal for this type of environment. If you're thinking about putting exposed aggregate around the pool, you may want to integrate some of the following design ideas.

Combine Smooth and Rough Concrete

You don't just have to have exposed concrete around your pool. Instead, you may want to do a blend of smooth concrete and aggregate. For instance, if you like the idea of being able to pull yourself out of the water and sit on a smooth surface, you may want to place smooth concrete around the edges of the pool and aggregate in the areas next to that.

Alternatively, you may want a pool deck design where you have aggregate around the pool for safe walking, and then, you put smooth concrete around the rest of your area to create a patio type feel.

Integrate Large Paving Stones

Your smooth areas don't have to be traditional concrete. Instead, you may want to put down large, smooth paving stones. These stones feel smooth underfoot because they are polished flat. You can put them directly next to the pool, on a patio, as walking paths or in a variety of other places. They create a nice visual contrast to the small stones in your exposed concrete.

Put in Stone Walls

In addition to putting paving stones on the ground, you may also want to put in a stone wall or similar elements. For instance, you can put in a stone retaining wall, have your pool built with stone walls or stairs or add a stone wall around the patio.

Play With Fun Colours

With you opt for the small stones in the aggregate, large paving stones or a combination, you may want to include some fun colours. A landscaping specialist can help you find stones that complement the colour of your home, create an interesting palette around the pool area or add fun pops of colour.

Consider Polished Stone

When you put in aggregate concrete, you can choose different sizes and types of stone. Beyond that, you can also choose between raw and polished stone. Raw stone is basically any stone you could find in nature from a small pebble to a large boulder. Polished stone, in contrast, is run through a tumbler so that it is smooth to the touch. Polished stone may also feel more comfortable underfoot.