How I Repaired My Concrete Driveway

Advantages of Spreading Coloured Concrete Around Your Outdoors

While you may know concrete is a durable and handy material to spread around your home, you may not be so familiar with the vast array of decorative options for coloured concrete. Consider the following benefits of this versatile flooring. 

Flatters Your Home

Grey concrete, though sturdy, can be dull — but adding a colour component adds liveliness to outdoor surfaces. When picking the hue of a driveway or patio, it's best not to attempt to perfectly match the concrete to your home's cladding, as a precise match will be difficult. Instead, choose a contrasting but complementary shade for visual interest.

Can Look Like the Real Thing

Coloured concrete need not only present an even, uniform hue that derives from adding pigments to the cement mix. Concrete specialists can also create multi-toned effects by applying stains and dry-shake colours over hardened surfaces to mimic natural stone and timber. Your patios and drives may look like they're covered with these real substances but at a minimal cost. Textured stamps add to the effect, adding realistic grooves and indents to the surface.

No Peeling or Flaking

These colouring techniques ensure that the hues blend within the concrete rather than sitting on top as a surface cover. For instance, with integrally coloured concrete, the shade extends throughout. With staining and dry-shake processes, the hues react and combine with the concrete, which becomes imbued with the decorative effects. Thus, the colours won't peel off as a surface paint layer might.

Personalise Your Concrete

With a myriad of customisation options, you can decorate your concrete however you wish. You can shade it a subtle hue or a vibrant colour, with greys or warm ambers. You can spread faux stone or brick across your driveway or paths. You can create the look of individual pavers and compose stunning border designs. The options are open-ended for you to devise whatever surface you can dream up.

Disguise Imperfections

Driveways can become grubby from oil leaks, grease, and dirt. The benefit of coloured concrete, particularly when textured, is that it disguises marks and imperfections and so surfaces maintain their good looks for longer. 

Durable Surface

There's a reason that concrete features prominently in all types of constructions, including highrises, bridges, pavements, and tunnels. It's solid and able to bear heavy weights and traffic — plus, it endures elements such as sun, hail and rain. Spreading it around your property, you can be assured that your creations will last for many years. Make sure though to follow care recommendations, including any suggested sealing procedures. 

Reach out to concrete specialists to learn more.