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Slipform Versus Other Construction Methods: Which Is More Beneficial?

Running a construction project is very intensive. It needs a lot of capital, time and labour. To manage these three aspects of the construction project and also get the best results, you have to choose the right construction methods and techniques. One of the more recent construction methods that has gained a lot of popularity in the past few decades is Slipform. Here, a manufacturer creates the Slipform and customises it to your construction needs.

You will just set up the form and use it to pour concrete as you continue with the construction. Here are three reasons why Slipform construction is more beneficial than using other methods. 

It Is Easy to Set Up

Slipform construction offers ease of installation. The first step in any construction is creating a foundation. Once you have a functional foundation, you can set up the slip form. You can enlist the professionals who will design the form to install and set it up for you. Once they have done the initial setup, your construction team can take up the project.

The beauty of Slipform is that it speeds up the process tremendously.

It Is Safe

The second thing you should worry about when organising a construction project is safety. The traditional construction processes are slow and rigorous. Worse still, they expose the contractor to risks such as falls from heights, getting hit by heavy falling objects, and accidents when using the construction tools. Slipform construction eliminates these accidents' risks by a huge percentage because there will be less manual work.

A decrease in the risks related to the construction process is good for you because it eliminates liabilities. Fewer accidents also mean that your project will run as scheduled, without downtime. 

It Leads to Quality Finish

The construction finish quality is another thing you should worry about when you are choosing construction materials. For example, the other concrete pouring processes leave the building with a rough finish, and the contractors have to use manual methods to polish the structure.

Slipform is smooth and does not have fins that you have to polish. You can move straight to the application of surface finishes when you complete it.

Talk with professionals to help you design and set up slip forms for your construction. With their help, you minimise damages and maximise the speed and efficiency of the construction process. 

If you have any questions find a slipform contractor in your area.