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3 Things You Need To Do Before Starting Your Home Demolition Project

When it comes to making major improvements to your home, before you can reconstruct, you need to demolish. Given that demolition tears everything down to start anew, you may not think there's much preparation work to be done. However, there are a few things you need to consider before calling in demolition services. Here's a simple guide to the most important considerations. 

1. Determine the demolition method

Before you start, it's important to know which demolition method you should use. Each method has different pros, cons and applications depending on the end goal you hope to achieve. 

One popular method, for example, is mechanical demolition. Mechanical demolition is the process of breaking down a structure by utilising heavy construction machines and specialised tools, from rotary cutters to excavators. Mechanical demolition is reliable, efficient, and cost-effective when it comes to home deconstruction. 

Alternatively, another method that's growing in popularity is deconstruction. This process involves carefully dismantling the home piece by piece. Since it's more labour intensive, it is more expensive than many other demolition options. However, it also preserves building materials, such as brick, stone, metal, plaster, and wood, making it far more environmentally friendly, and you may be able to recoup the costs by selling these materials.

2. Set your budget 

Making a firm financial plan is another crucial step to your demolition project preparations. For many homeowners embarking on a rebuilding project, delays are a major fear. No one wants to be stuck living in a hotel or with family for months on end because demolition and reconstruction are taking too long. If you want to avoid delays, you need to make sure you don't run out of money, which is why setting your budget well before contacting demolition services is important. Don't be afraid to shop around to find a cheap demolition company, but make sure you know what you're getting for your money.

3. Inspect the area

Before the start of any demolition project, you should always make sure to have your plot of land inspected. If you don't, you could face heavy fines from your local authority if something goes wrong. A pre-demolition inspection officer can help you identify any environmental issues, risks to pipes and power lines, materials you need to remove before demolition (such as asbestos), and more. With an inspection, you can be sure your demolition project will go ahead safely and affordably without worry.