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Benefits of Exposed Aggregate Paving on a Residential Property

If you're looking for a paving solution for your home, rather than opting for grey concrete, you could choose exposed aggregate. It provides the following benefits. Natural Appearance One of the main advantages of exposed aggregate is its natural, organic appearance. It's created by adding ornamental pebbles and stones to the cement and then washing the cement away to reveal the aggregates. In this way, this concrete brings out and emphasises the beauty of natural materials such as rock.

What's Involved in a Concrete Resurfacing Job?

Concrete is a very hardy material and perfect when it comes to installing floors, patios or driveways around your property. Yet, with time the material can degrade, and you may eventually need to resurface it to restore its former glory. How difficult is this process, and what type of approach can you take to achieve the best outcome? How to Resurface Concrete In essence, resurfacing is a simple task that involves removing the top layer of concrete and introducing a brand-new layer.

Property At Risk For Flooding? How To Avoid Mistakes With Your Retaining Walls

If your property suffered damage due to recent fires, you need to worry about flooding. Bushfires can destroy brush that protects against flooding. That's why retaining walls are so beneficial. Retaining walls help to keep the soil in place when floods come through. Without retaining walls, your home is at risk for serious flood damage. But, you do need to take steps to maintain the structural integrity of your new retaining walls.

5 Advantages of Brick Restoration

Exposed brick walls have a classic style, but over time wear and tear can cause the bricks to start crumbling. Brick restoration is a method of repairing the bricks and replacing the mortar that holds them together, which can help to improve both the appearance and the structural strength of a wall. Here are a few great benefits of brick restoration. 1. Stronger walls Walls can become unstable as the mortar holding the bricks together begins to crumble away.

The Best Way To Make Your Concrete Stand Out

Concrete is not generally seen as a material that people take a second look at. After all, in most people's minds, concrete is just dull, grey, flat and meant to be used as a supportive structure, not the main attraction. However, because of its widespread availability and use, a lot of companies have started offering multiple different types of concrete. and one of those is known as decorative concrete. This concrete can offer you a lot of the benefits of traditional concrete while also not being nearly as drab or dull, making it a great option to be used in more visible areas.

3 Things You Need To Do Before Starting Your Home Demolition Project

When it comes to making major improvements to your home, before you can reconstruct, you need to demolish. Given that demolition tears everything down to start anew, you may not think there's much preparation work to be done. However, there are a few things you need to consider before calling in demolition services. Here's a simple guide to the most important considerations.  1. Determine the demolition method Before you start, it's important to know which demolition method you should use.

Slipform Versus Other Construction Methods: Which Is More Beneficial?

Running a construction project is very intensive. It needs a lot of capital, time and labour. To manage these three aspects of the construction project and also get the best results, you have to choose the right construction methods and techniques. One of the more recent construction methods that has gained a lot of popularity in the past few decades is Slipform. Here, a manufacturer creates the Slipform and customises it to your construction needs.

Your Guide to Understanding Exposed Aggregate Concrete

In the concreting world, the term aggregate refers to particulate materials such as gravel, slag, recycled concrete, geo-synthetic aggregates and crushed stone. These materials often make up a large percentage of concrete mixes during construction. Therefore, it makes sense to consider having exposed aggregate concrete as your final finish. It is an affordable and creative way of finishing your concrete surface, and it is flexible enough for application in various places.

Advantages of Spreading Coloured Concrete Around Your Outdoors

While you may know concrete is a durable and handy material to spread around your home, you may not be so familiar with the vast array of decorative options for coloured concrete. Consider the following benefits of this versatile flooring.  Flatters Your Home Grey concrete, though sturdy, can be dull — but adding a colour component adds liveliness to outdoor surfaces. When picking the hue of a driveway or patio, it's best not to attempt to perfectly match the concrete to your home's cladding, as a precise match will be difficult.

Car Park Repair Tips

There are various reasons why your car park may need repairs. It could be it has a cracked floor, drainage problems or a leaking roof.  Below are some car park repair tips to consider.  Asphalt or Concrete Repairs Over time, the car park floor may develop cracks and potholes. Minor damages on your asphalt driveway can be repaired through sealing. A seal coat is an adhesive substance made from oils and bitumen which seals cracks and potholes on your asphalt driveway.