Kerbing options for you

If you have a garden you might encounter small problems like weeds spreading or mulch scattering onto the lawn. Kerbing helps in controlling both of these cases. In fact having a kerb also provides a barrier that makes it easier for you to mow your lawn and it adds to the beauty of your garden. When it comes to choosing the best material to use for kerbing you are confronted with a few choices.

4 Causes of Electrical Problems in Concrete Pumps

Some inexperienced DIYers may not know what to do in case a rental concrete pump fails due to electrical problems. This article discusses some of the components that you should check in order to get that truck-mounted concrete pump working again. Check the Alternator It may not always be right to assume that once the concrete pump truck starts then the alternator is working effectively. A weak alternator can start the truck but fail to operate the concrete pump.

Two tips for sprucing up an old concrete driveway

Concrete is a robust material which can withstand many years of foot traffic and exposure to the elements. However, it will eventually start to look a bit worse for wear. If this is the case for your old concrete driveway, here are some ways that you can spruce it up. Re-seal the concrete joints Many concrete driveways are made up of slabs. The material that fills in the joints between these slabs is called a sealant.

Finishes You Could Consider For Interior Concrete Flooring

Some business owners will steer clear from concrete flooring for the interior of their office premises as they assume it will look too industrial for their property. As such, this type of flooring is typically relegated to outdoor applications where functionality is paramount. However, advancements in technology have now allowed for decorative concrete inside your office, without having to decrease the strength and stability of the concrete. Below are a few of the finishes that you could consider for interior concrete flooring.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Scanning: Your Burning Questions Answered!

Today, concrete is widely used in the construction industry to set up buildings, roads, pavements, bridges and other structures. Even though it is strong and durable, concrete structures may have some anomalies cause by improper mixing, preparation or application of the concrete material to the structure. Minor anomalies may not be a cause for concern, but the severe ones require you to examine the concrete structure and carry out the necessary repairs.

Why Polished Concrete Would Be Ideal For Your Warehouse Flooring

Gone are the days when concrete flooring meant having bland, grey floors that did not add any aesthetic element to your structure. Advancements in technology over the past few decades have invented a myriad of concrete finishes, which will not only provide you with functional flooring but one that is attractive too. Thus, if you are constructing a warehouse, you may want to contemplate using polished concrete for your flooring needs.